Théodore Strawinsky (1907-1989), the son of the famous composer Igor Stravinsky, was an extremely prolific painter. His work belongs to a dual lineage of Post-Impressionism and Cubism whose essential messages - a new relationship with reality and the autonomy of a work of art - he made his own. He was a versatile artist who excelled in all the techniques he practised including painting, stained glass, engraving, mural painting, theatre sets, and illustration. He remained untouched by the vogues and upheavals which characterised twentieth century art.


The allegorical mosaic La Banque, la Fortune at the UCLy

The mosaic realized for the UBS in their building of the Rue du Rhône in Geneva, detached and stored in 2012 during the works of transformation, was handed in donation to the Foundation in 2014. Thanks to the endless efforts of Yvan Lalanne-Berdouticq and the support of Olivier Frérot and Thierry Magnin, of the Fondation Le Cèdre (Alexander Carswell and Elias Kulukundis) and the skills of Michel Patrizio and his team (Marie-Laure Besson and Julian Modica), the mosaic has found a new place into the new Campus Saint Paul of the Lyon Catholic University in 2016. 



The website of the Théodore Strawinsky Foundation proposes, through a selection of works and texts, to discover the artist's palette, life and personality.

Prix Théodore Strawinsky

The Prize has been awarded on September 18th, 2020, within the Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design of Geneva. The Fondation is happy to announce that the winner is Francesca MANGOLD.

©Francesca Mangold

Catalogue raisonné

The catalogue raisonné of Théodore Strawinsky's artworks is accessible as an online database


The inventory of the Foundation's archives is accessible as an online database (under development)