The Théodore Strawinsky Prize

Théodore Strawinsky had expressed the wish to help young artists broaden their cultural education. To honour his memory, his widow fulfilled that wish after his death.

The Théodore Strawinsky prize was awarded for the first time on 25th June 1992. It was designed as an annual reward to be granted to the Painting graduate from the Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design (HEAD) in Geneva who wins their in-house competition. The prize is awarded at the school’s graduation ceremony.

The prize is currently CHF 10,000.



Candidates should submit a personal file together with at least two works on a two-dimensional support. More details can be found in the Prize Settlement (in French). 

The jury is made up of 2 members (at least) of the Board of Trustees, an independent artist designated by the Board of Trustees, an independent artist outside the HEAD but nominated by it, and the previous year’s winner.

The jury designates the winner.

Winners :


2021 : Azize Ferizi

2020 : Francesca Mangold

2019 : Claire Masset

2018 : Séverine Heizmann

2017 : Melanie Akeret

2016 : Basile Dinbergs

2015 : Ksenia Sadilova

2014 : Marius Margot

2013 : Johana Blanc (more info...)

2012 : Abigail Janjic (more info...)

2011 : Aymeric Tarrade (more info...)

2010 : Mathis Gasser (more info...)

2009 : Serafin Brandenberger

2008 : Frédéric Bott (more info...)

2007 : Banu Narciso Caymaz

2006 : Gilles Rotzetter

2005 : Luisanna Gonzalez Quattrini (more info...)

2004 : Thomas Bonny

2003 : Thierry Feuz (more info...)

2002 : Ruth Rupa Favre

2001 : Yves Berger

2000 : Ariane Monod (plus d'infos...)

1999 : Marc Bauer (more info...)

1998 : Gabriella Zalapi (more info...)

1997 : Alexia De Burgos

1996 : Marc Batalla (more info...)

1995 : Martin Sollberger (more info...)

1994 : Jérôme Stettler (more info...)

1993 : Axelle Snakkers (more info...)

1992 : Philippe Fretz (more info...)

Pdf document

Théodore Strawinsky Prize Settlement (in French)

Winners' works

©Azize Ferizi

©Francesca Mangold

©Claire Masset

©Séverine Heizmann

©Melanie Akeret

2016 © Basile Dinbergs

2015 © Ksenia Sadilova

2014 ©HEAD-Geneva and Marius Margot

2013 ©Johana Blanc

2010 ©HEAD-Geneva and Mathis Gasser

2005 ©HEAD-Geneva and Luisanna Gonzalez Quattrini

2003 ©HEAD-Geneva and Thierry Feuz

2000 ©HEAD-Geneva and Ariane Monod

1999 ©HEAD-Geneva and Marc Bauer

1995 ©HEAD-Geneva and Martin Sollberger